There are two shortcodes, which should both be used:


The title of each tab is marked up as


Where tabname is the title of your tab.

Add the tab content after the


After the content of the last tab in a tabgroup, use a


The shortcode should be have an empty line above and below to allow the wpautop function to format the tab content correctly.


First Tab

Tabby ipsum dolor sit amet, kitty sunbathe dolor mauris a tristique, feed me nullam stuck in a tree ac faucibus bibendum libero. Jump on the table accumsan et vestibulum fluffy fur pussy libero.таблиця1

Second Tab

Lay down in your way catnip stuck in a tree iaculis, sunbathe orci turpis kittens scratched dolor quis nunc. Vestibulum cras nec attack sniff eat, tempus enim ut adipiscing scratched orci turpis give me fish.таблиця 2

Third Tab

Jump sleep in the sink vestibulum climb the curtains attack, sleep on your face sniff attack your ankles etiam give me fish judging you. Sagittis run zzz jump elit nibh, sunbathe enim rip the couch vulputate accumsan.таблтця3